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7 Strategies to Secure Work From Home


7 Strategies to Secure Work From Home

7 Strategies to Secure Work From Home

People worldwide are working from home. The move to remote work came quickly. But continuing business as usual isn’t the only priority.
The sudden shift to remote work doesn’t ease the need to:

  • Protect personally identifiable information
  • Secure valuable business data
  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Remain compliant

Locking down business done offsite, on many different devices, is more challenging.

Onsite, you likely have workstation monitoring, firewalls, unified threat management appliances and more. Plus, a dedicated IT team providing comprehensive security.

At home your employees may be using personal computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones of any brand. Potential pitfalls include users:

  • Working on devices without protections installed
  • Connecting on unsecured wireless networks
  • Using outdated operating systems
  • Failing to backup securely
  • Sharing files externally
  • Blurring the lines between personal and professional use

Address the challenges of protecting the work from home environment with our “7 Strategies to Secure Work from Home” ebook.

The right technology and cybersecurity policies make a big difference. Educating your employees in security awareness is important too. The seven suggestions in our informative guide help make work from home more viable, reliable, safe and secure.

Download “7 Strategies to Secure Work from Home” today to rethink cybersecurity for the current environment.

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