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Eastview Advisory

Eastview Advisory’s Digital Transformation

Case Study: Eastview Advisory

In the world of commercial property, Eastview Advisory needed a tech upgrade to stay competitive. Recognising the importance of keeping up in the digital era, they joined forces with DYN I.T. Solutions to manage their I.T. and boost their operations.


Office 365 Management:

Navigating the complexities of Microsoft Office 365 can be overwhelming, but not for Eastview Advisory. We seamlessly optimised their 365 experience, ensuring that collaboration became a breeze. With intuitive tools, real-time document sharing, and improved team coordination, Eastview stepped into a new era of productivity without missing a beat.

Hardware Upgrade:

Selecting the right laptop and configuring an ergonomic setup is not just about technology; it is about enhancing the daily work experience. We assisted Eastview in acquiring a Lenovo laptop and set up ergonomic workstations. Now, their team enjoys powerful hardware and a comfortable and productive working environment.

Connectivity Enhancement:

Buffering and slow internet speeds can be productivity killers. Recognising this, we turbocharged Eastview’s connectivity at their office and employees’ homes. The result? A 23% increase in internet speeds ensures that their operations move at the speed of business.

Enhanced Security:

In the digital age, security is non-negotiable. Understanding the sensitivity of Eastview’s work as commercial buyers agents, we implemented a robust firewall system. This digital shield ensures that their data remains secure, giving them peace of mind and instilling confidence in their clients.

Mobile VoIP Communication:

Work doesn’t always happen within office walls. For Eastview’s on-the-go team, we introduced 3CX phones, enabling secure VoIP communication wherever they are. This not only streamlined their communication but also added a layer of flexibility to their operations.

In essence, our tailored solutions aren’t just about fixing problems; they’re about elevating every aspect of your digital experience. We craft solutions that fit like a glove, ensuring your business operates at its best.


At the heart of Eastview Advisory’s digital transformation journey was a series of challenges that demanded innovative solutions. The team at Eastview needed a partner who could understand and anticipate their needs. Here’s a closer look at the obstacles we encountered:

Cloud Update:

  • Need for streamlined management and optimisation of Microsoft Office 365.
  • Overwhelmed by the intricacies of software, hindering collaboration and productivity.

Hardware Acquisition and Setup:

  • Requirement for computers and ergonomic setups.
  • Lack of suitable hardware affecting employee comfort and efficiency.

Connectivity Bottlenecks:

  • Suboptimal internet speeds at both the office and employees’ homes.
  • Frequent disruptions in internet connectivity impacting day-to-day operations

Security Vulnerabilities:

  • Needing more options for a robust firewall for data security.
  • Heightened concern about increasing digital threats.

Communication Issues:

  • Need for an efficient VoIP solution for mobile communication.
  • The need for a secure and seamless communication tool for the on-the-go team.


Smooth Collaboration and Productivity Boost: Streamlined Office 365 management resulted in seamless collaboration, making teamwork a breeze. Enhanced productivity as teams could effortlessly share documents and coordinate in real time.

Improved Working Conditions: The new Lenovo laptops, coupled with ergonomic setups, led to improved working conditions. Employees experienced increased comfort and boosted overall well-being.

Faster Internet, Smoother Operations: NBN speed upgrades brought a remarkable 23% increase in internet speeds. Operations became smoother, with quicker access to online resources and improved connectivity.

Peace of Mind with Enhanced Security: The implemented firewall ensured an ironclad digital fortress, providing peace of mind regarding sensitive data.

Efficient On-the-Go Communication: Integration of 3CX phones empowered the on-the-go team with secure and efficient VoIP communication. Mobile communication became a streamlined and integral part of Eastview Advisory’s operations.


Beyond Fixes, Achieving Wins: DYN I.T. Solutions are not just about fixing I.T. problems; we are about achieving tangible wins for your business. Eastview Advisory’s success story is proof that our solutions go beyond patches – they drive real, measurable impact.

Positive Change, Simplified: Picture a world where your I.T. Challenges are opportunities for positive change. We bring results that speak for themselves, turning obstacles into stepping stones towards a more efficient, connected, and secure digital future.

Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today: In a fast-paced digital world, we are not just keeping up; we are propelling you forward. With DYN I.T. Solutions, you are not just adapting; you are thriving with tomorrow’s solutions, today.


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